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Satisfied Clients

“I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Tony during high school and summers when I was home from college to focus on building strength, mobility, and endurance. Prior to working with Tony, I had not done strength-based work before and he was able to push me outside of my comfort zone to learn new exercises to become a stronger runner and athlete. 

 I always looked forward to my weekly workouts with him and trying to get in just one more pull-up! The skills and knowledge I gained from working with Tony have carried me throughout my running career and helped me to stay injury free, which is something I am very grateful for. Tony’s approach to building strength and endurance is very well thought out, and I would encourage any endurance athlete to consider training with him! On top of being a great trainer, he is an even better person and cares about the athletes he works with."

Elena Lancioni

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