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I started my journey in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in 2002.  Like every trainer I started my career as a generalist, working with strength, nutrition, and mostly health/weight loss.  While I still have a strong base in these areas; in 2012 I competed in my first Obstacle Course Race and my deep dive into training endurance athletes started.  At its core OCR is a running sport.  I have spent the last ten years researching, creating, and testing methods to create the most resilient runners possible.  My philosophy when training a runner is to work with their bodies to strengthen and maximize impact resistance, fluid movement, and usage of kinetic energy within their natural movement patterns.


-American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

-American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach

-Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

-PTA Global

-Certified Distance Running Coach

-Certified Conditioning Coach

-Spartan SGX Level 1 and 2 Coach

-FMT Basic and Performance (RockTape)

-WMQ (Weck Method Qualified)

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