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Effortless Running

When running we want the movement to be effortless (do not confuse effort of movement with effort of speed, exertion, and usage of energy). Effortless movement means the actual movement is smooth and automatic no matter the pace, effort level, or state of fatigue. This is what I mean when I say running should be effortless. This is accomplished by utilizing fascial tension, mechanical recoil, proper joint alignment, efficient foot strike, appropriate ground contact time, and smooth/light movement to propel you forward. This mechanical efficiency is what will allow you to run longer, harder, and more often without increasing risk of injury (notice I said without increasing risk not eliminating risk).

What does effortless running feel like? It is smooth, springy, and even. The keys to effortless movements are to slow down and work the movement patterns in the gym, work the movement patterns fatigued, balance antagonist muscles, train along fascial lines that distribute force, and properly warm up for your activity. They final key is to allow all of this to translate over to your running without thinking about this. When you truly achieve effortless movement; you will be able to run smoothly while allowing your mind to wander. This will be much more enjoyable than plodding through the run!

For specific techniques to create effortless muscles feel free to contact me!

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